Manufacturing – Heavy Machining

Proven Engineering & Manufacturing Capability – Serving Diverse Industries – Worldwide Intercon’s machine shop is equipped to handle precision machining of various steels and alloys. Horizontal Boring Mill travel envelopes of 56 ft. by 20 ft. along with modern CNC controls allow for precision machining of extremely large components.

Horizontal Boring Mills
Machine ID Manufacturer Control Horizontal
Spindle & Ram Travel Rotary
M1 Pama CNC 33’ 12’ 4.5’ Yes (Manual Control)
M2 Toshiba Shibaura CNC 56’ 20’ 10’ Yes (Manual Control)
M3 Titan CNC 49’ 13’ 8’ Yes (Manual Control)
M5 Toshiba Shibaura Manual 14’ 11’ 3.5’ No
M8 Pama CNC 19.7’ 11.5’ 8.2’ Yes (CNC)
M9 Toshiba Shibaura CNC 6.5’ 5’ 3.5’ (Table Travel) NoNoNo

Vertical boring mills range in swing capacity from 48 in. to 20 ft. Work pieces weighing up to 100,000 lbs. can be accommodated.

Vertical Boring Mills & Turret Lathes
Machine ID Manufacturer Control Workpiece Diameter Workpiece Height Workpiece
V1 Froriep Manual 20’ 9’ 70,000 lbs.
V3 Toshiba Shibaura Manual 13’ 6.5’ 36,000 lbs.
V4 Toshiba Shibaura CNC 6.6’ 6’ 31,000 lbs.

A full range of lathes, machining centers, table mills and radial drills compliment Intercon’s diverse machine tool inventory.