Tug-Barge Couplers – System Operations

The Intercon Coupler System is typically monitored and controlled from the upper wheelhouse using a touch screen controller. A secondary touch screen controller as well as auxiliary manual controls are located in the coupler room.

When engaged, the Intercon Coupler System fully eliminates hull to hull contact between tug and barge, permitting the tug to pitch freely relative to the barge. The ram axis is typically aligned with crew living areas to provide smoother motion which lessens crew fatigue.

With the ability to retract the interface heads within the hull envelope, the Intercon Coupler System avoids dangerous, fixed projections on both the tug and barge. This feature also preserves fleet interchangeability.

Tugs equipped with the Intercon Coupler System can conventionally push or tow non-System barges, and conversely, non-Intercon Coupler System tugs can work with ladder equipped barges. Each vessel retains its ability to operate as any vessel in its respective class.